Chemical Feed.

Acrison Inc.

Dry Chemical Feed Systems, Volumetric and Weigh Feeders, Dry & Liquids Polymer Feed Systems


Chemical Metering Pumps, Liquid Chemical Feed Systems & Accessories



Progressing Cavity Pumps for Water and Wastewater service: Including; Sludge, WAS/RAS, Thickened & Dewatered/Cake Solids, Polymer Feed, Chemical Metering & Transfer


CHorTech on-site Hypo Generation systems, UltraDynamics UV Disinfection systems, TetraFiltration products. 


Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge  Pre-treatment technology for enhanced anaerobic design of Municipal And Industrial sludge. 


Thickening & Dewatering

PW Tech

Hybrid BNR Process, Packaged Wastewater Treatment, Advanced Wastewater Treatment, Sludge Thickeners, Sludge Presses



Eimco Clarifiers, Thickeners, Digesters, Carrousel Oxidation Ditch, Trickling Filters, DAF Thickeners, Trac-Vac, Headworks screens, Grit Handling, IFAS, Fine Bubble Aeration, Membrane Bioreactors (featuring Flat Plate Membranes), Membrane Thickening and Aerobic Digestion (for nutrient control)


 Centrisys Corp.

Decanter Centrifuges for thickening & dewatering and complete packaged dewatering systems; Contract Maintenance & Repair s (all brands).




Shaftless Screw Conveyors, Compaltors & Dewaterers, Screening & Classifying and  Storage Systems



Blowers Robox Revolution P.D. Blower Packages, Robox Screw High efficiency oil-free Blowers & compressors, Biogas compressors, Vacuum Pumps. Accessories, Service & Parts


Hoffman & Lamson

Revolutions Single Stage High Speed Blowers, Multistage Centrifugal Blowers/Exhausters, Accessories, Service & Parts

Piller TSC

High speed single stage Turbo Blowers utilizing


magnetic bearing technology



Epic International

Floating high speed aerators, Floating Mixers, and Screw pumps


Jet Aeration systems for SBR's, Oxidation Ditches & conventional Aeration Basins; ISAM TM & SAM TM Conventional or packaged BNR Wastwater Treatment Plants; Hydro grit TM Grit removsl systems. 

Polcon Aeration systems Inc.

Static Tube sub-surface Aerators for Lagoon Application.



Heavy-Duty Submersible Mixers for BNR process, Sludge Holding & EQ Tanks & Accessories; Heavy-Duty Submersible and Dry-Pit Submersible Pumps for Industrial Waste Water pumping & accessories.


Offers a full-range of proven mixers and impellers for a variety of applications, from small lab mixers, to versatile medium-range mixers, to high-energy maximum duty series mixers

Screens & Filters

Cleantek Water Solutions.

RotoSieve™  Drum Screens, MBR Pre-Screening & Conveying


Flexrake TM Headworks Screens, Self-Cleaning Trash Racks, Washer/Compactors & Controls

Orothos Liquid Systems

Filter Nozzles, Strainers, Monolithic Filter Floors and Replacement Nozzles



Access Hatches, Lift Station Accessories, Trash Racks & Hoists 


Custom FRP storage tanks for water & wastewater, buried above ground and wet wells. 

Tank Connections 

Bolted RTP, Field Weld and hybrid tank designs for water and wastewater storage applications.

Jacobs Manufacturing corp. 

Fiberclass Building, covers, flumes, stop logs and guide, wiers/scum and enclosures.

Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc.

FRP Buildings, Covers, Density current Baffles, Weirs, Baffles, Troughs, Launders, and Side Gates. 


 YSI (A Xylem brand)                         

YSI, WTW, Royce, and OI Analytical  & MJK: bring you a full line of on-line process instrumentation for process control and monitoring

Valmet(Formerly  Metso)
Total Solids Measurment, Low Solids Measurement, Advanced Optimization solutions for sludge dewatering

High Tide Technologies 

Satalite monitoring and Scada with web based interface for remote data logging, Alarm monitoring and process control.

O I Analytical

TOC analyzer supports continuous on-line monitoring of organic containment's in water systems  


Cornell Pumps

High efficiency centrifugal pumps for water and waste water Applications 


Packaged Wastewater Lift Stations (Submersible,

 Buried,Above Ground, Vacuum Prime & Self-

Priming);Waterbooster Stations (Buried, Enclosed,

 SkidMounted); ValveVaults; Packaged

 Control Systems


Hidrostal pumps Hidrostal Pumps

submersible/immersible pumps are a range of

quality screw centrifugal non clog pumps. They

are capable of pumping general effluent and

municipal and industrial wastewater that includes

solids, rags and other common materials.


Low Pressure Sewage CollectionSystems Grinder 

Pumps, & Packaged Grinder Pump Stations &


Epic International

Floating high speed aerators, Floating Mixers, and Screw pumps


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